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OK-LA Dance Connection can bring a convention style workshop straight to your studio saving your families time and money.  We are able to run one dance room to 5 rooms depending on the size of your studio and company.  We offer classes in ballet, technique, jazz, hip hop, tap, musical theatre, contemporary, jazz funk, mock auditions, and improv.  We can teach mini, beginning, intermediate, advanced or professional dancers.

Each workshop is customized to fit your needs and give your dancers the greatest benefit.  Workshops can be one or two day experiences and we have a parent showcase and scholarship availability at the conclusion of classes. Dancers feel super safe since they are right at home and truly open up and try new things.  We love becoming a part of your dance family and love coming year after year to see how your dancers have grown.  Booking is easy - simply email us at  Once you book, you don't have to lift a finger.  Just tell your dancers to come dance!

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