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OK-LA Regional Convention and Showcase will be held in  Wichita, Kansas October 15, 2023, and Oklahoma City October 22.   Classes are available for beginning, intermediate, advanced dancers and teachers.  All content, music and choreography, is family friendly and age appropriate.

We also offer an evening showcase to get dancers a jump start on competition season.  It is limited to the first 30 entries and they are given out upon first request.  

We will also have a complementary roundtable teacher luncheon led by Lisa Woods.  Surround yourself with a great community of like minded leaders and think outside the box for business growth, technical teaching, across the floor ideas and marketing strategies.  This hour is worth it's weight in gold.

Come get your OK-LA on with US!!!!  It's going to be an amazing season!  xoxo

Parking is free!  Come dance with us in Wichita and OKC!  

We are bringing joy, magic and inspiration to your dancers!  Let's go!! 

Save your space for our evening showcase before it is full.  

Join us for a complimentary teacher luncheon and round table discussion.

We can't wait for a magical day!  xoxo

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